Post Holiday Recovery Wages On!

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Is anyone out there trying to recover from the holidays – still??? I am! In order to get back on track after eating Christmas cookies, imbibing in way too many Great Lakes Christmas Ales, and frequenting a number of parties, the month of January has been a combination of healthy eating while still enjoying a little gluttony along the way. It’s all a balance, right? I’ve learned something from Paula Deen this month.

My new favorite thing is being sold at Costco. It is Minsley Cooked Brown Rice (Organic). First thing I love: you put it in the microwave for only 90 seconds. It’s a fast meal! Second thing I love: it’s so tasty and you can put anything in it to make it a great lunch or dinner. You could even make it into breakfast dish! Oh, scrambled eggs, green onions and cilantro? Yum! Third thing I love: it costs 6.99 for a 6 pack. It’s cheap!

My favorite way to prepare the rice is to microwave it for the recommended 90 seconds. Then I take it out of the container it came in, put it in a microwavable bowl, & add whatever I have in my refrigerator. If you take it to work, put some chopped vegetables in a bag and add later. Then, I add anything from 1 to 5 ingredients to the brown rice, depending on what I have on hand and how fast I want to eat. I mix the ingredients, and I put it back in the microwave for another minute.

I believe one of the best combinations for this rice is the “Holy Trinity“. Most people would refer to mirepoix, the classic French combination of celery, carrots and onions, as the “Holy Trinity”. I agree, that is a wonderful, classic, and necessary mix. I believe there’s another one: toasted sesame oil, rice vinegar, and sriracha. I like to add a splash of each to the rice after it’s been cooked for 90 seconds. The other day, I topped that with some shredded chicken I sautéed the day before and some chopped watercress. Delicious and super easy! A few days later, I had some left over carnitas from a dinner out with friends. It was such a small amount that I questioned why I even brought it home. I decided to add the meat to the warmed rice. Awesome! I realized how terrible it would have been if I hadn’t brought that left over home! Also, I drizzled some Cholula Hot Sauce which brought the meal to the next delicious level. So maybe that wasn’t the most healthy lunch, but it was a small amount of carnitas. I promise!

I’m always looking for fast, tasty, and healthy meal ideas. What’s your favorite quick and healthy dish? I’d love to hear about it!

Fish Taco Battle

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I’m going to jump right into things.   This is controversial.  No, I’m not going to write about politics or religion.  It’s something way more debatable: who has the best fish tacos in San Diego? I’m discussing only two restaurants: South Beach Bar & Grille in Ocean Beach and PB Shore Club in Pacific Beach.  I believe these spots have the best fish tacos out there.  If you disagree and feel there’s a better place, I want to hear about it!!

My favorite place for the past 7 years has been South Beach Bar & Grille in Ocean Beach.  I’ve always loved the laid back vibe and people watching through the first floor windows.   And now that they opened a second floor, it’s easier to find an open table.  The ocean is right down the street, so I like walking to the pier and back before I begin my fish feast.  I’m a big fan of ordering the fried jalapenos as an appetizer.  I usually follow the app with 2 tacos, each 2.95: Baja Fish (a fried Pollack) and a Veggie (a huge fried zucchini).  Sometimes I’ll get a side of rice & beans (discounted price for ordering 2 tacos), but then I am stuffed!  The portions are really big.  And the tacos have the appropriate toppings: red cabbage, cheese, sour cream sauce and fresh salsa.  I will note that many of my friends love the grilled fish tacos at this location, but I’ve always preferred the fried option.  As a side note, you can get pitchers of beer and they always have one beer at a special price which is greatly appreciated.

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Recently, I decided to try the fish tacos at PB Shore Club.  I love the view from this restaurant.  It’s right across the street from the beach, and it’s on the second floor so everyone gets a great view.  I’ve been there for their So-Cal Fries.  I upgrade to the tater tot option – why wouldn’t you?  And I opt for carne asade as a topping.  Again, why not? Additionally, the tots are covered in chili, cheese, sour cream and guacamole.  These are not meant to be good for the heart, but good for the soul.  Don’t worry about it, just enjoy!!  But I digress.  I ordered a grilled Mahi Mahi and a Veggie Taco.  They were around the $4 range.  The Veggie had a few different vegetables that were deliciously grilled.  The Mahi Mahi was amazing!  The amount of fish was not huge, but it made up for it in quality.  It was topped with green cabbage, cheese, pico de gallo, and a side of cilantro sauce.  What made these tacos were the tortillas!!  They were so good.

I need to go back and ask where they get them or if they’re made in-house.  I didn’t notice pitchers, but I had some great schooners of beer.

My husband and I got in a fight over my statement that PB Shore Club’s fish tacos reign over South Beach.  We both take our food seriously.  I’ll be happy returning to either establishment, but I’ll push for PB Shore Club!

Take Care and Happy Eating!

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Hello world!

This is my first attempt at writing a blog, so I apologize in advance for all mistakes I will make in figuring this out!!   I will post information about food – what I’ve been cooking, new recipes I’m trying and old ones I love, restaurants I’ve been to in the San Diego area (where I live) and elsewhere throughout the world.  I’m originally from Cleveland, so I will occasionally give shout-outs to my home town!  I love going back to visit, and to get my fill of the West Side Market and Steve’s gyros!  I’ll chat about all things food related.

I finished graduate school (M.A. History with a Specialization in Art History), and then I decided to change course after moving to San Diego, California with my husband, Franz.  I went to San Diego Culinary Institute in 2005 and worked for Waters Fine Foods and Catering in San Diego for a few years.  I’ve always loved learning about food – and eating it!  Hopefully I can pass along some useful info to others – or at least my Mom.  You’ll read this, Mom, right??

It’s raining in San Diego as I’m typing.  What better time to start what I’ve been wanting to do for at least the past year.  I’ll post some entries asap.  First, let me see if this works!!  I can work with food.  Computers are another thing!!!  Thanks for checking my blog out!  More to come!!