Hello world!

This is my first attempt at writing a blog, so I apologize in advance for all mistakes I will make in figuring this out!!   I will post information about food – what I’ve been cooking, new recipes I’m trying and old ones I love, restaurants I’ve been to in the San Diego area (where I live) and elsewhere throughout the world.  I’m originally from Cleveland, so I will occasionally give shout-outs to my home town!  I love going back to visit, and to get my fill of the West Side Market and Steve’s gyros!  I’ll chat about all things food related.

I finished graduate school (M.A. History with a Specialization in Art History), and then I decided to change course after moving to San Diego, California with my husband, Franz.  I went to San Diego Culinary Institute in 2005 and worked for Waters Fine Foods and Catering in San Diego for a few years.  I’ve always loved learning about food – and eating it!  Hopefully I can pass along some useful info to others – or at least my Mom.  You’ll read this, Mom, right??

It’s raining in San Diego as I’m typing.  What better time to start what I’ve been wanting to do for at least the past year.  I’ll post some entries asap.  First, let me see if this works!!  I can work with food.  Computers are another thing!!!  Thanks for checking my blog out!  More to come!!

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