11 Things About Me

A friend and blogger, Crystal from Eat*Drink*Cleveland, challenged me and a few fellow bloggers to come up with a list of 11 things people don’t know about us. I’m kind of an open book, but here are a few things people may not know.

1. I sing in the car, sometimes appearing to be trying out for American Idol.
2. If I could live in a warm shower, I would. Ever see the Seinfeld episode where Kramer decides to live in his running shower? That’s me!
3. I can take any Seinfeld episode and relate it to my life (see above).
4. When I was 10 yrs old and my sister was 18, she drove the 2 of us from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv so we could get our Visas to travel to Egypt.
5. I sweat a lot.
6. If I don’t exercise every day, I get really grumpy.
7. I used to get really mean was I was hungry. I try very hard to control that temper. Now I just get kind of mean.
8. I’ve had more jobs than anyone I know. Babysitter (first job), I worked for a Financial Advisor (while in high school), worked at the County Courthouse for a summer, Corn Dog on a Stick, Applebee’s (food prep), hostess at a bar/restaurant in the Flats (Cleveland, Ohio), factory worker at Bonnie Bell, Blockbuster, movie theater (popcorn stand), museum docent, helped sell furniture at a store my Mom owned, barista at Arabica in University Heights, Ohio, worked at the front desk at my college gym, art gallery (Selo Shevel Gallery in Ann Arbor), sold jewelry at Dillard’s, teaching assistant in Graduate School at Cleveland State University, worked for Continental for 3 summers as a “Service Ambassador”, MBNA (credit card company), Border’s, taught 7th, 8th, 10th grade English and History in an Orthodox Jewish all girls’ school in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Flight Options (private jet company), museum work in Manhattan, and catering in San Diego. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few jobs!
9. I just started to enjoy drinking coffee. I prefer lattes, but I’ve ordered a regular coffee a couple times, and I enjoyed it!
10. I make the best hot chocolate. I learned some tricks from my Dad.
11. I met Gene Simmons of Kiss when I was really little. He was in his full costume (dragon high heel shoes) and make-up. I was about 5 years old and freaked out! He came up to me to try to get me to stop crying. He was very nice, but it didn’t help!

I think that’s about it! Everything else, everyone knows! Thanks for the challenge, Crystal!