Costco Gelato??!!

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My husband and I opted to brave the Sunday crowds at Costco (San Diego, Morena Boulevard location) yesterday.  After we picked up a flat of toilet paper, a bushel of blueberries and a couple of pounds of wild salmon, I was craving some ice cream.  As I stepped up to order, something caught my eye: a sign for gelato.  And the sign noted that the gelato is made daily!  And there are 3 flavors: pistachio, mixed berry and stracchiatella!!  And it’s served in a waffle cone!!! And (drum roll, please) it’s $1.50!!!!!!!!!!  What?  Of course we ordered 2 cones and loved every lick.  It was really good!  I didn’t think I’d care for the pistachio, but it I think it was my favorite.

I looked online and discovered that not all Costco locations serve this dreamy, cheap, tasty dessert.  That’s sad.  If you live in such a place, talk to the manager and demand it!  I know people are trying to survive the heat.  Here’s one way to combat the outdoor sauna!  And if you don’t want a cone at that moment, they sell quarts to go for $4.99.  And keep in mind, if you aren’t a member, and if the food court is outside, you can walk up and order off their menu.  And if it’s inside and you aren’t a member, I’m sure you have a friend or family member who can let you tag a long!

So give your local Costco a call and ask if they sell gelato in their food court, and hopefully they do!  (As I was typing this, I called the Costco where I usually shop, Mission Valley, to see if they sell it.  The man told me no.  I asked if they would be at some point, and he told me his location was not picked to serve that item.  So sad.  Thank the gelati gods I have the other location nearby!)

Take Care and Happy Eating!

7 thoughts on “Costco Gelato??!!

  1. Wow! I can’t believe Costco has gelato! It’s probably a good thing that the Mission Valley location does not have it. 🙂

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