Mardi Gras Time!!

Where has 2014 gone?  I feel like I just got back from visiting family and friends in Cleveland, Ohio for Christmas. Yikes.  And now it’s March (start the Christmas ads already!), and I’m awaiting my Mom’s arrival later today.  Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Monsieur says “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

I remember, as a kid, Fat Tuesday meant a lot more.  Being Catholic, it meant Lent was coming, and that was the toughest part of the year for me.  No meat on Fridays?  No fried bologna sandwiches after I got home from school?  I don’t think I was supposed to eat before church on Sunday, too.  I think I’m remembering that correctly, or my parents were just trying to get me to wait to eat again?  And I had to give something up for the entire Lent season which is about 6 weeks??  No wonder Easter was such a big deal to me!  I searched for that hidden basket of candy on Easter like I was Indian Jones searching for the Ark of the Covenant!   Hey, I loved to eat back then, too.

So if you are in San Diego, and you want to live large today or tonight, here are my top 5 pics.

5) If you haven’t had breakfast yet (If you are a SDSU student and just rolled out of bed and realized you just missed Psych 101 and Intro to Badminton, this is really for you!), start the day off right with a breakfast burrito with chorizo at Dos Brasas (  They pack it full and it is steaming hot when you get it.  Have some chips, salsa and carrots while you wait.  If you’ve had breakfast already, it is perfectly acceptable to have this for lunch or dinner.

4) Venissimo (  What better way to live large?  Really go big and sample a ton of their cheeses, and then buy a bunch to take home.  Eat, and then eat more.  That’s today’s motto.

3) Cookies!!!  I love making my own cookies, but sometimes I don’t have the time.  The recipe I use requires my dough be refrigerated overnight, so it’s good to know where to go in a pinch.  I love 2 companies: Badunkachunk ( and The Cravory (  Both companies sell online, but you can find them in San Diego.  My favorite spot to get Badunkachunk is at Rubicon Deli ( .  Hey, that’s a great Mardi Gras stop!  A fatty sandwich on house made bread with an outrageously fat cookie is one sweet meal.  I checked out The Cravory at a bloggers’ event this past Saturday.  The owners, Adam, Nate, and Derek, take cookies seriously.  They spent a crazy amount of time (or as I see it, just the right amount of time) making sure each ingredient is the best. Cookies

This Rosemary cookie was one of my favorites!

This Rosemary cookie was one of my favorites!

The owners of The Cravory

The owners of The Cravory (and me!)

The result is a delicious, thick, flavorful cookie. But you have to hurry in because the cookie menu is always changing, and once a flavor is sold out, it could be gone forever, my friend. Previously you had to drive around to farmers’ markets to find their stuff.  All you have to do now is look for the Souplantation ( in Point Loma and you will find their new storefront.  It’s super tiny, so it’s easy to miss, but it’s really cute inside.  Check it out!

2) Garlic Knots (or as they are listed on the menu, Garlic Nuts, but I refuse to order them that way) at Hillcrest Brewing Company (  I haven’t had great garlic knots since I was in NYC.  Talk about an indulgent thing to eat.  There is not one health benefit to eating one (or 6) of these babies.  I was never a fan of the beers crafted at HBC, so I would always stick with the list of guest beers.  However, the bartender explained to me and my husband that the owner was no longer brewing and there was a new brewer on board.  I was very happy to hear this because the Hillcrest area needs to improve its beer situation, and this is a great step!

I will always order these as "Garlic Knots".

I will always order these as “Garlic Knots”.

1) This is tough.  I kept it to five because that is a reasonable amount to cover in a day, right??  I don’t want to list a great dinner place because I’m trying to suggest places where you can eat something and not be full for the entire day.  Hmmm.  And I would suggest Extraordinary Desserts ( or Eclipse Chocolate (, but that is just too obvious.  I wish the hush puppies at American Voodoo ( were better because that would work so well for this day.  I hate to do this, but I can’t help myself.  My final suggestion for tonight is another cheese item, an appetizer at Mozza (  Whether it’s today, tonight, or in a month, you have to go and order Mozza Caprese and Pane Bianco with extra virgin olive oil.  It’s kind of annoying the two items aren’t listed and sold together because you obviously need this divine (yep, I wrote divine) bread to go with this out of this world burrata.

You will NEVER want Caprese anywhere else after this experience. Period. Burrata. Period. Enough said.

You will NEVER want Caprese anywhere else after this experience. Period. Burrata. Period. Enough said.

I hope this gives you a nice road map for the day!  Let me know you favorite indulgent spot!  Please!!  I love hearing what you guys like, too!

Sir is looking forward to his next meal.  Are you?

Sir is looking forward to his next meal. Are you?

Take Care and Happy Eating!

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6 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Time!!

  1. Yum! The cookie making was super cool at The Cravory! We just went to Eclipse Chocolate on Monday and were so stuffed but happy afterwards. I think we’ll have to go check out those garlic knots eventually too!

  2. I totally enlarged that picture of the cookie assortment so that I could creep on all the delicious flavors! Totally want to recreate them all at home!

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