So . . .

So, I’m in a bad mood. I intended to tell you all about an awesome event I attend at Caffe Calabria in North Park last week with a bunch of San Diego Food Bloggers and Specialty Produce. I sat down to type away, but I’m in such a bad mood that I just sat there getting more upset about stuff going on in my life. So, I realized I need to cook. So, I’m making a White Chicken Chili, and I might even make a recipe I just came across, 2-Ingredient Nutella Brownies. So, I’m listening to fun music and cooking. I’m getting it together so that I can be human to my husband when he comes home. It’s working!

Part of my “Get in a Good Mood” music list:

And in memory of Chris Squire:

I need to get my “Weekend Mood” back! The recipes I’m making to put me back in a good mood:

White Chicken Chili:

Starting my White Chicken Chili! Turn up the tunes!

Starting my White Chicken Chili! Turn up the tunes!

2-Ingredient Nutella Brownies:

I’m already feeling better! Fortunately, the issues causing my mood are not major and can be resolved, so I just need to cook a little more, dance and sing a lot more, and chill out!

Hope your Monday is going well!

Take Care and Happy Eating!



2 thoughts on “So . . .

  1. You got me at Nutella!!! I must try these brownies. The chicken chili recipe looks really good too. I wonder how it would taste if I substitute Greek yogurt for the cream cheese. I might try that. Thanks for sharing these recipes Megan! And I hope today is a better day than yesterday. 😋

    • I think yogurt would be great! Let me know how it goes! I usually don’t cook with cream cheese (and especially not low fat cream cheese), but I figure once would be ok;) I also added black beans and then decided to add twisted elbow macaroni (a brand that is made with a lot of veggies). It really increased the volume and now I can eat it all week! It is great even cold! That was Franz’s idea, btw. Thanks for stopping by to read, and Tuesday was a much better day:)

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