I’m so glad you have taken the time to check out my blog.  I’ve been wanting to start this for a very long time!!  I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, specifically Rocky River – West Side, holla!  However, I went to college on the East Side (So East Side – holla! Clevelanders will understand.).  I highly recommend checking out “C-town” if you’ve never been there.  The best time to visit is September or October, and I’ll happily give you some touring recommendations!  My husband and I moved to New York City for 1 year (that was awesome!!), and then we made the cross-country trek to San Diego (that was interesting!).  I attended San Diego Culinary Institute and started working at Waters Fine Food & Catering ( http://www.waterscatering.com/).  I really enjoyed the experiences and the people, but I decided to end my time there and look into other opportunities.  So here I am, finally writing the food blog I’ve been thinking about for years!   I’ll write about anything and everything that pertains to food.  I hope you find it interesting and entertaining!  Thanks again for stopping by!

Take Care and Happy Eating!


Monkey Bread and Sweet Pea San Diego restaurants

Monkey Bread and Sweet Pea San Diego restaurants

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  1. I am bringing my girlfriend to San Diego for a romantic holiday Dec 28-Jan 2. I want to “hit it out of the park” with every meal. I saw your posts on Urbanspoon (US), so googled your handle and arrived on your blog. I was wondering if you could recommend a variety of breakfast/brunch places (I have a short list already), and a variety of fancy and non fancy places to go to. I saw your list of 11 places that are your favourite on US. It looks like a great list. We are staying in the Gaslamp area, but are happy to cab the distance for a great meal. If you feel comfortable giving out your email to a complete stranger, I could email you the list I am working on and get your opinion, if you had time. I am sorry I don’t know your name. I am Jason. My girlfriend is Holly. We live in Alberta, Canada. I look forward to your reply!

    • Hi, Jason and Holly! (My name is Megan.) Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I’ve been cooking cookies for the past couple days – I have to finish them by tonight. I’d love to give you some ideas. Let me get back to you tomorrow. I love giving suggestions! Talk soon.

  2. Hey,

    Great Blog! i grew up in Cleveland [Aurora} too!

    Just happen to stumble across it but if you’ve got a moment – shoot me an email I’d like to chat.


    andrew [at] foodio54 [dot] com

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