I’m Alive!

I’ve been absent since last year, so I wanted everyone to know I’m alive and well.  O.K., that sounded really dramatic.  I feel like so much time has passed since I last posted!  I just returned from Cleveland, Ohio.  It was great seeing family and friends and eating all of the great food Cleveland has to offer.  I have so much to discuss and some great photos to share.  I need to get my thoughts collected, and I promise to post some fun stuff next week.

Since it is Friday, I would like to try to maintain the recently created tradition for this blog and share my favorite thing during the past week.  This was a tough one because I experienced a ton of awesome food and experiences.  The clear winner, however, was the Cleveland Museum of Art.  If you live in Cleveland and haven’t gone, shame on you!  And I don’t think I’m being too harsh!  Is it the entrance cost holding you back?? (It’s free.)  Is it the lack of amazing art work?? (It’s one of the best in the world.) Maybe you think you might get hungry and there wouldn’t be a good option for lunch or dinner nearby? (The museum has a brand new restaurant, Provenance, that has an amazing view of outside – and a full bar to boot.  My mom and I saw a yummy looking Sunday brunch being served.  What better way to spend a Sunday?? There’s a cafe, as well, where you can take food out into the gorgeous new atrium and admire the stunning marble facade of the original building. Oh, and Little Italy is a stone throw away.)

Check out this video:

I have my B.A. and M.A. in Art History, but you don’t need any special degree to really enjoy this gem.  Oh, you don’t live in Cleveland?  So you don’t travel outside of your city?  You don’t take vacations?  You might consider Vegas, Miami, or Seattle for a trip, right?  I propose you consider Cleveland.  I guarantee you will have an amazing vacation (maybe avoid the Winter months).  I must disclose that I grew up in Cleveland, but I can honestly say that I’m not writing this with any bias. I’m not writing this to make my mom happy, either.  And I’m not getting paid to endorse this city.  That would be awesome though!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the CMA’s collection:

Mourner from the Tomb of Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy

The Crucifixion of Saint Andrew

Stag at Sharkey’s

The Red Light

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Take Care and Happy Eating!